The-6-AgVocates-To-FollowLast week, Bayer Crop Sciences shared their 6 AgVocates To Follow. This list includes some pretty awesome advocates from across our agriculture communities, and I am thankful to be among those named. While I’ve been included on similar lists before, I never want to take it for granted that efforts to share my perspectives will always resonate with a larger audience both within and outside of agriculture circles. So for that, I say THANK YOU for allowing me to share my story.

Other advocates on Bayer’s list include Chuck and Cindy Zimmerman, Jenny Schweigert, Brian ScottJulie Borlaug and Carolyn O’Neil.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting most of these great individuals and have to say they ALL do amazing work to represent the many segments of the agriculture community. (Brian has been featured on this blog several times.) I encourage you to head over to the Bayer page and read more about them.

If you had a list of your top agriculture advocates to follow, who would you include?

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