to raise another generation of kids to carry on our ranching heritage - Richelle Barrett, Montana
to raise another generation of kids to carry on our ranching heritage – Richelle Barrett, Montana

National Agriculture Day marks the anniversary of this blog. Hard to believe what has developed over the past six years after sharing a simple article explaining why I am proud to be a part of agriculture. Today, there is a large community sharing why they are #AgProud and I’m glad the message has resonated with so many folks over the years.

To celebrate National Agriculture Day in 2016 (March 15), I asked you to share why YOU are proud to be a part of agriculture. Here’s a sample of the stories I received in response. Want to share your story? Join over 18,000 people on the I am Agriculture Proud Facebook page or the more than 15,000 people on the Facebook group and use the #AgricultureProud and #AgDay2016 hashtags this week.

Take a moment to see below why readers are Agriculture Proud. Be sure to click links to visit their social media sites and thank them for sharing this Ag Day 2016!

Why are you Agriculture Proud?

I am agriculture proud by bridging the gap between suburbia and the farm. Dispelling inaccuracies and providing truthful information from past and present farm life experiences. – Mandy Deveno, 4-H Leader in Bellingham, Massachusetts

I’m agriculture proud of the family legacy-that for 5 generations, my family has dedicated their lives to agriculture. We’ve survived ups and downs, but at the end of the day, the heart and passion we feel keep us engaged and fighting. When I look at the people who make up and represent the agriculture industry, it fills my heart. They are dedicated, hard working, loving, kind, honest…the list goes on. I am so passionate about our industry because I believe we represent the best humanity has to offer. We constantly put the needs of our animals and our operations ahead of our own, which allows us to be better community members to those around us. I’m a self professed cow-nerd, and I love being able to have the opportunity to be a part of something that literally fulfills a basic survival need of every man, woman and child on earth. I love having the opportunity to share stories and experiences, and watch those who know so little about what we do connect with what we are doing, and see our hearts for what they are. – Kacy Atkinson, Rancher/Extension Educator in Garrett, Wyoming. (Instagram)

I am agriculture proud because of the traditions of what agriculture truly means. Agriculture is so important for all the land that we live on and for the animals and humans that roam it. I am passionate about agriculture for many reasons but my main reason is that I want to share my ag story. – Naomi Loomis, rancher, feed sales manager, mom, blogger and consumer in Alliance, Nebraska. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog)

I like the values that living and working on a family farm promotes, and I’ve found agriculture to be a good avenue for me to put my leadership skills to use. – Katie Bangs, farmer and rancher in Inverness, Montana. (Instagram)

Cows are awesome. Ranching is a job that requires risk, dedication and passion. – Jenn Zeller, rancher in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog)

Having been raised on my parents ranch, and now living on that same operation, I am agriculture proud to be carrying on a legacy of hard work and stewardship of the land and livestock. I am proud that my children have the opportunity to experience life on the ranch, and learn responsibility by helping out the rest of their family. Even though I have a full time job off the ranch, I use my social media presence to share stories about what we do, and to share photos of our operation in a positive way. I love to share my passion for cattle and horses with my coworkers (probably a lot more than they do). I am looking forward to the day that I can trade in my slacks for my Wranglers full time to be able to do what I love- to work alongside my parents and my husband. – Richelle Barrett, Beef producer, grocery consumer, blogger, photographer, household chef and ranch hand in Havre, Montana. (Facebook, Instagram, Blog)

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