As a kid, my family’s Spring Break vacations included driving to Amarillo and seeing our cattle in the feedlot. We would end up with close to 12,000 head of cattle there throughout the course of the year, so it was more than just a drive in the pasture to check on the herd. The trip usually ended up with some fun times visiting Oklahoma City and Amarillo attractions. Yes, there are scenic venues in the Texas Panhandle like Cadillac Ranch and the Palo Duro Canyon.

Along I-40, beginning in central Arkansas, travelers will see billboards for the Big Texan Steakhouse. I’ve been to the restaurant once with the family, never bothered to attend while I lived in the Panhandle, but it’s a neat experience to at least see for yourself.

This Amarillo tourist trap advertises a free 72 oz. steak if patrons can down the steak (and sides) within an hour. Walls of the restaurant are decorated with photos of those successful gluttons over the years. This past week, a 124-pound, 35-year-old mom of four topped them all in the steak eating contest.

Not only did she go head to head with football players and athletes, she beat them by a mile and set a record by consuming three of the 72 oz. steak meals within 20 minutes! I guess in her defense, Molly Schuyler is a professional competitive in eating large amounts of food. She previously downed 363 chicken wings within 30 minutes.

72 ounces of steak is not a normal beef meal (about twelve of my average servings), nevermind the included sides of salad, roll, baked potato and shrimp cocktail. More power to her for consuming three of those meals. Read more from CNN.

Beef is on my plate every day, though not nearly in these portions. Real life isn’t an eating competition. Maybe that’s what gives some folks a bad stereotype of meat eaters? In reality, it’s in moderate portions that beef is an important part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Want to learn more about including more protein in your diet (hopefully not 13.5 pounds at a time!)? Check out this 30-day Protein Challenge which provides you with tips and information on including proper amounts of protein (including beef) in your diet. I’m almost through the program and it’s made a big difference for my half marathon training! Begin the challenge any time and let me know how it goes for you!

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BeefsBig10 CA Rodeo ad.indd
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Did you know beef is an excellent source of 10 essential nutrients? With the help of the Montana Beef Council, we had a little fun with this poster, in the midst of planning Team Beef events for our Montana Running Ranchers relay team. We don’t really run in chaps and boots, but it might be a funny sight to experience.

BeefsBig10 CA Rodeo ad.indd