Ram pickup trucks and Bacon

One of the highlight posts for 2013 has been my thoughts on Dodge Rams’ Super Bowl ad featuring “So God Made a Farmer” and Dodge Ram’s campaign for Year of the Farmer, so I figured ya’ll might appreciate this quick update.

What better to catch my attention than pickup trucks, farmers, and bacon? Thank goodness God made a farmer.

Dodge Ram Year of the Farmer Bacon So God Made a Farmer
View more about the United Strips of Bacon graphic on the Ram site.

I am truly thankful for bacon, pork chops, and those farmers across the country raising pigs. There’s several of these pig farmers online sharing their stories and opening their barn doors so we can learn more about our bacon.

There’s not much more to say about it. One of our favorite foods, agriculture, and pickup trucks pretty much tie many Americans together. I hope Dodge Ram comes up with a few more of these great food/farm facts with their campaign to support the American Farmer.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy bacon?

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  1. You do know the Dodge Ram ad generated up to $1,000,000 for the National FFA thru a “like” campaign on Facebook. I wrote a story about it for my paper in February.

  2. When I married my husband his mom asked if I knew how to make a BLT. I didn’t, but I soon learned and made a million of them during my marriage.

  3. Thanks for sharing this graphic! I have always grown up to think that Fords were superior but with all the good publicity and support coming for Dodge Ram about our country’s farmers I may have to change my truck brand. I love the way Dodge displays the information they are sharing and I hope it is catching the eyes of those who don’t know a lot about were their food comes from! Great post.

  4. Favorite way to eat bacon? While sipping coffee with home grown eggs and peering out the window watching my little (and some big) porkers. Actually I eat less bacon after raising pigs: I savor it as I knew and raised each one of these guys and I’ll enjoy it slowly.

    1. Cool! My family raised pigs when I was a kid. I actually ate more pork because it was available in the freezer. Having known what goes into the raising of animals definitely makes me better appreciate having that meat available for the table.

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