Food is important to everyone. No Farms. No Food. It is important that connection be made.

Agriculture impacts everyone and has an important story to be told. If you’ve been a subscriber of this blog for very long, you know that I am a huge believer in this and I encourage everyone involved in the Agriculture community to make their voices heard. The time has passed when we can sit on the sidelines and listen to the mainstream media and general public bash the integrity of our food producers. We are a minority and it’s time we make our voices heard. Dodge RAM launched the 2013 – Year of the Farmer campaign with the “So God Made a Farmer” Superbowl ad, and it’s only appropriate we carry that message forward.

At the same time it is even more important that we are able to listen to our customers and their concerns. Until we are able to accomplish that, we will find it difficult to make progress.

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Farmers and ranchers have a huge impact on our environment and most are aware of their efforts to make improvements for the next generation. If you take a moment to read the headlines, books from best-selling authors, or watch popular daytime television, a person could be easily persuaded otherwise. Misperceptions about farming and food production abound.

On Earth Day 2013, April 22, a group originating in Canada is encouraging us to make a statement about the future of Agriculture. Their objectives are made in the video above and in this statement:

Young people have been at the forefront of every important social movement in history. #FarmVoices is raising the profile of farmers by sharing their stories with the world, one image at a time. It’s. Our. Turn.

The FarmOn group and #FarmVoices campaign encourages the Agriculture community to share its message on Earth Day (April 22) through images that answer these 3 questions:

  • What do you love about farming?
  • What challenge do you face that threatens your ability to farm?
  • How do you care for your land and animals?

Please take a moment to share this message online through social media or through any events or activities you are involved in for Earth Day. Tag your posts with #FarmVoices.

The above images and video come from the FarmOn website. Learn more about the message and download more photos and materials at or the Facebook page.

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