Sometimes a person just has to walk out of the office and break up the day. I’m pretty lucky to have some projects that take me out in the pasture this summer, and had an opportunity to catch this shot. A few posts ago, I wrote how I had no photos of me actually with the cows. Does this one count?

This photo now needs a caption. Can ya help me out?

I also had a chance to capture some other shots. Photographing cows while trying to get the best camera focus isn’t always an easy task. I’m not looking for the best photography with this project, just the clearest shots.

Any tips/suggestions?

Calves hanging out in the pasture
Every time I try to capture a tag, the cow moves….
Finally, one stood still for me
Here’s another one that wanted to get close and personal
If I can’t capture the tag, a brand will do
Corn appreciated a drink Sunday night

If you have a blog post with photography tips in an agriculture setting, leave a link in the comments section so others can learn too!