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Wordless Wednesday: Your Personal Brand

I woke up this morning with a conversation on my mind from a presentation earlier this year. So I’ll share a piece of it today. Think about how your interactions build (or tear down) your personal brand.

It’s not a trip home without…

Last week I had the opportunity to make a quick trip back to Arkansas to see family and friends. It was my first visit since Christmas and it seems like 5 days flew by entirely too fast. With every trip home growing farther apart these days, I always have a brief list of things that […]

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Newborns [Video]

I hope you’re having an awesome Wednesday and that the coffee has warmed you well. I’ve been out in the pastures much of the past week as calving season has launched in a quick start. The calves are loving this crisp, cool weather. Here’s 30 seconds of joy with one. Happy Hump Day!

Wordless Wednesday: Word Cloud And My Dirty Job

I found this pretty cool. Here’s the Word Cloud for my blog. Now I have to consider which words should be appearing larger or which words I don’t need to write so much about. I wonder how thorough the engine searched for terms in my blog? Happy Wednesday! I’ve moved back to Middle¬†Tennessee¬†for the summer […]

Wordless Wednesday: (Virtually) Up To Your Armpits

Think I’m kidding? No, really! A U.K. Veterinarian invented this fiberglass cow to help Veterinary students learn how to palpate cows and learn the feel of reproductive organs. We actually have something similar on campus. Read more about this ‘Haptic Cow’ and how it helps veterinary students learn more about cattle reproduction here.

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