Watch out! I HERD on the news tonight that my dad “spends his life surrounded by these beautiful females!”

Haha, no he’s not in trouble, but my dad was featured on the Little Rock ABC news tonight in a story featuring the struggles cattle farmers are having with recent and long-term dry weather conditions.

Be sure to take a moment and watch this video — Dry Conditions Drying Up Business for Cattle Farmers.

It’s hard to believe it’s not even June and Arkansas farmers – along with many other states in the region – are dealing with abnormally dry and drought conditions. This isn’t good news considering last year’s extensive, devastating drought. Farmers and Ranchers across the South Central US are certainly hoping we do not see a repeat event. Some have yet to recover.

This Drought Monitor map from May 22 shows 73% of the Southern region already experiencing drought conditions.

I suggest taking my dad’s advice on this and don’t give up. Beyond every rough stretch there is hope for better times. Hold on to your cattle and manage for a long-term investment.

How can we use this as a learning experience?

As a follow-up to an earlier post on building relationships with local media, how can this story be used as a launch pad for your local news? Maybe send it to a local journalist and share a bit about how it impacts your area farmers and offer your contact information?

From an advocacy training standpoint, how can this interview be critiqued? Every opportunity can be a learning one. How can other farmers use this for an example of what to do in an interview, even what to do better?

Really look forward to some advice from both Pros and Novices. Together we can learn how to be better advocates and cultivate those proactive relationships.

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