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Arkansas Drought Worsens, Impacts Livestock and Crops

Arkansas was on the fringes of the 2011 drought that impacted much of Texas and Oklahoma. Cattle farmers culled a little deeper than normal, but most were able to retain the majority of their herds. However, this year things have not been kind to Arkansas cattle producers. The state started off on a dry note, […]

Dry Conditions Drying Up Business for Cattle Farmers

Watch out! I HERD on the news tonight that my dad “spends his life surrounded by these beautiful females!” Haha, no he’s not in trouble, but my dad was featured on the Little Rock ABC news tonight in a story featuring the struggles cattle farmers are having with recent and long-term dry weather conditions. Be […]

Cow Efficiency Topic of Cattlemen’s Meeting

Nothing beats a meal of good bbq and good conversation with older cattlemen from the area. The one place to find such a thing is at a County Cattlemen’s meeting. I have always enjoyed traveling to these meetings across Arkansas with my dad. Our family’s cattle auction gives him a pretty good excuse to visit […]

Cattlemen’s Meeting Roundup

Staying involved in the community is an important part my life, sometimes this includes spending a Thursday night shootin to bull with a room full of aging, gray-haired men, swappin stories over a meal of steak and taters. Just want any 23-year-old (23, that’s weird to say) wants to do with his life! Actually, that’s […]

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