Wear Green. Support Agriculture.

Have you ever sparked a conversation about something on a person’s shirt? Sure you have! That’s why we have t shirts from event sponsors, kid’s favorite cartoon characters, and even our favorite organizations. But have you ever considered wearing a shirt to spark a conversation about food?

Today is the 3rd Annual Wear Green In Support of Agriculture Day. Over the past few years, thousands of people have joined in on a day in April to wear green and show their support of Agriculture. I take it a step further and wear a t-shirt that has an Agriculture theme.

A few weeks back I wore my AgChat Foundation shirt on a trip to the grocery store. While at the deli counter getting some fresh roast beef and cheese, the lady behind the counter inquired about the shirt. She got the ‘Ag’ portion but wanted to know what it was about.

I explained how farmers and ranchers are making efforts to share with consumers their passion for food and inviting people to visit their farms from thousands of miles away thanks to internet networking. We went on to talk about food choices and I was able to clear up a few misconceptions when it came to feeding cattle. I didn’t even have my phone with me that day or I would have snapped a picture.

Did you eat today? Thank a Farmer.

I look forward to more conversations like that and enjoy showing my passion for Food with everyone I meet. How about you?

Have you ever sparked a conversation about Food or Agriculture that stemmed from a t-shirt design?