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Running Gear for Cold Winter Running

Are you cold yet? 2018 walked right in with a cold arctic chill, dropping many states well below zero. And runners have been wrapping up. Growing up in Arkansas, I hardly knew what real cold was, but a move to Montana quickly taught me how to dress for running in colder weather. Now, I absolutely […]

Cody James Men’s Boot Review and Giveaway

There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh leather, right? When I’m walking down the street and pass boot shop, the smell always stops me in my tracks. Boots are a part of who I am, they’re with me every where I go and have so many stories to tell if they could talk. And […]

Wear Green | Support Agriculture

Have you ever sparked a conversation about something on a person’s shirt? Sure you have! That’s why we have t shirts from event sponsors, kid’s favorite cartoon characters, and even our favorite organizations. But have you ever considered wearing a shirt to spark a conversation about food? Today is the 3rd Annual Wear Green In […]

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