What does it take to care for the animals that will one day become food on our plates? This California veterinarian does a great job of sharing that story, and I am very glad to have them as a part of my month-long series highlighting the diversity of modern agriculture. Why are YOU Agriculture Proud?

The Farm Vet is Ag Proud!

Working with animals every day is not the dream job for everyone, but it is for the farm vet. People like the farm vet truly have a gift – to be able to handle animals, specifically those that are sick or injured – and care for them on a daily basis. The farm vet chose the professional route to work in production agriculture, rather than with companion animals. This choice, he says, was never a difficult one. Growing up, he always wanted to work with cows.

Some people, such as animal rights activists, cannot understand how someone might be such an animal lover and be able to watch that animal go for food for human consumption. Well, the argument the farm vet has for that is that we know we gave that animal the best and most comfortable life we could while it was here and that’s how we show them respect. Having an impact on how farm animals are cared for is quite an important job, and something to be proud of.

We also need to be proud of our food security. Where would we be as a nation without food security? That part of the farm vet’s profession is just as important as taking care of the animals. Disease control is extremely important in animal agriculture in a nation where less than two percent of the nation’s population is farmers and ranchers (which means not a whole lotta farms feed a WHOLE lotta people!).

So those are a few of the highlights of being a farm vet – and being proud of it!

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