Photo Credit: ASAS Taking Stock

Earlier this week I shared a few thoughts on the Cattlemen’s College held at last week’s Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville. There were so many great courses held that I had no way of attending them all. This is where social media comes in handy!

I’ve rounded up a few links from across the web from friends who shared their thoughts about the Cattlemen’s College courses. Be sure to shuffle through their sites as they have more than one story from the event.

  • AgWeb:Correct CIDR Protocols – The Beef Reproductive Task Force had a great live demonstration on proper placement and use of CIRDs in estrus synchronization. Also includes a few great links to university resources.
  • ASAS Taking Stock: How Genomics Can Improve Beef Quality – Clint Krehbiel, professor of animal science at Oklahoma State University, discussed how genetic selection is an important tool for improving quality long-term beef quality.
  • BEEF Magazine: Finding Profitability in Volatile Times – The beef industry faces unprecedented volatility, but the opportunity for profitability in the cow-calf and stocker business looks bright, if producers practice discipline combined with innovative strategies.
  • Beef Today: Troy Hadrick – Video. South Dakota rancher Troy Hadrick talks about why he started his own blog and how he uses social media to inform consumers about agriculture.
  • Brownfield Ag News: Finding Profitability in Volatile Times – Audio. Dr. Nevil Speer of Western Kentucky University discussed the unprecedented volatility facing the beef industry and offered cattlemen some advice on how to navigate in uncharted territory.
  • NCBA YPC Cattle Call:Adding Value To the Calf – CattleFax analyst Lance Zimmerman studied video sales to identify opportunities for producers to take advantage of value added marketing.
  • The CattleSite: Collection of 100+ news stories covering the convention
  • Pearl Snaps’ Ponderings:300 Days of Grazing – University of Arkansas researchers demonstrate that year-round grazing is possible with proper grazing and cattle management.
  • Western Farm Press:Grazing on Public Lands Provides Benefits, Not Environmental Damage – Video. Grazing on public lands has become a controversial subject in some circles. But Bill Hopkin says properly managed grazing can be beneficial to that land, even in the arid West.

There are many more great summaries out there from Convention attendees on the web. If you have a link to add to the list, leave a comment on the bottom of this page or send me an email ( Hopefully you can take advantage of this list to study up on the topics and implement some new ideas into your current or future cattle operation. Or just add to your current cattle knowledge base!