Have you seen the latest commercials from America’s favorite burger chain? McDonald’s launched its new ad campaign on January 2nd to emphasize the quality of ingredients and a farm to fork story. The ads feature four farmers (secondary suppliers) that produce potatoes, lettuce, and beef for the restaurant chain.

The cattle rancher featured in the above ad is Illinois cattleman and former National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) President Steve Foglesong. Foglesong raises cattle with his family on reclaimed coal mine ground in central Illinois. The Black Gold Ranch and Feedlot consists of 5,200 acres and is home to 1,200 beef cows and capacity for 4,000 feeder cattle. Foglesong emphasizes family cooperation, rotational grazing, and a commitment to agriculture as a whole in this BEEF Magazine article from 2010.

McDonald’s Lettuce Supplier, Dirk Giannini: “Field to Fork”

McDonald’s Potato Supplier, Frank Martinez: “Dream Come True”

McDonald's launches farmer advertisement campaign foodI think the ad campaign is a good move in the direction of transparency and connecting consumers with the farming origins of the food we eat. The farmers share a bit about their dedication to family, the land and environment, and making sure they produce quality food. As with most new campaigns from large companies, there will be critics. Some question the honesty and motive of the ads, while others tie it right back into the big food company controversies.

What are your thoughts on the McDonald’s Farmer Ads?