Since announcing my goal of collecting postcards from every state during 2011, I  have received several cards and have learned much about Agriculture across the country.

Jodi Termine (@jtgirl) took the opportunity to encourage Kansas Young Farmers and Ranchers to share a few facts about Kansas Agriculture. In her workshop at the YR&F meeting, Jodi asked participants to send me a postcard with a fact about Kansas Agriculture. I receive more than 15 cards, all of which are listed on the Kansas page of Stamps, States, and AgFacts. These young farmers and ranchers from Kansas really know the facts about Kansas Agriculture.

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This project is a great example of we can share our knowledge about Agriculture. How much do you know about Agriculture in your state and area? Would you know enough to jot a few statements down? Or do you need to study up on the subject first? To be effect advocates of Agriculture we need to know the facts and understand what it is we are part of.

Here is a challenge to you. In the next conference, 4-H meeting, board meeting, game night, or whatever the occasion, ask participants to write down a few facts about Agriculture. If you plan ahead, bring postcards and have them write these facts on them. My address is listed on the project page. Which state knows the most about its Agriculture? If you are conducting a workshop or meeting involving SM, let me know and I will send you a tweet or two from the ranch during the meeting.

Kansas and Florida have a good start. I know Katie Pinke (@katpinke) already has a challenge out to her North Dakota friends to see what they can come up with. Let me know what you can come up with.

Remember I update the Stamps, States, and AgFacts page when I receive postcards. And Thank ya’ll so much who have already sent cards. I am enjoying so much getting cards and learning about Agriculture from all across the country!