I found this video on Facebook the other day and reposted it. Many others followed my lead and shared the video that tells about the work of modern farmers.

This comment was posted on the link:

That’s the old version. The new version needs to include stuff like;

I need someone willing to go to teabagger rallies and bewail the evils of socialism, but still have the balls to cash his federal crop subsidy checks. So god made the modern farmer.

I need someone who looks past the long term issues of using GM seed, Roundup! and chemical fertilizers that turn the local surface water to bitter poison so they can turn a fast buck and make Monsanto proud. So god made the modern farmer.

I need someone to live a million dollars above their means and keep the banksters wealthy buy continuously borrowing large bales of cash to work an industrial farm in the red year after year because he forgot what his daddy taught him about money and greed, and selling your soul to evil men. So god made a modern farmer.

I need someone who can read the warning labels on vials of BGH, See the agony an artificially enhanced udder puts a cow in, turn a blind eye to stuffing egg layers 6 deep in a layer battery pen so tight they cant turn around, put little baby calves in the dark and feed them iron poor liquid diets that give them the shits for their entire short lives in pens so tiny, they can barely lie down in so yuppies can have pretty pink veal cutlets, and confine hogs in cramped hot sheds ankle deep in their own shit where they chew on the pen bars till they break off their teeth while going insane and be able to look up and say “praise jebus” So, God made a modern farmer.

I could go on for a long time but I think I might really piss people off.

I felt it was appropriate to describe a small window of the work I do as a modern farmer in reply:

 As a modern farmer I…

get up before the sun rises to check on my cattle, looking for newborn calves.

trek in the snow, cold, and mud to warm the cold newborn calf.

stand frozen in white out conditions to sew up a prolapsed cow, hoping to save her from pain and infection.

feed my cattle high quality hay (grown on our farm, fertilized with organic materials like chicken litter) come rain, snow, sleet, or hail.

endure long nights in the cold trying to safely deliver a calf when things go wrong.

spend long hot summer days in the heat and humidity to harvest forage so we have something to feed our cattle when the grass burns up from no rain.

wake up in the middle of the night because my neighbors horse has the colic.

lend a hand and warm food when the house down the street is blown away in the storm.

raise cattle for beef so you can have the food on your plate, the shoes on your feet, and a vehicle to drive.

am one of many modern farmers.

This is just a small window of my life on the ranch. There are so many other farmers and ranchers doing work daily to provide food on tables around the world and almost everything we use every day sources from Agriculture Products.

Have you thanked a modern farmer today?