It is Finally Friday and I wanted to share some awesome food with ya’ll today. During my short time in Texas, I found their fondness for putting peppers in everything, and even eating peppers by themselves. You may already know about these Stuffed Jalapenos, but they are pretty much awesome, so I have to share them anyway.

Start with 12 whole jalapenos. Cut off the stem, slice them in half and take out all of the seeds.

Not a fan of hot peppers? Cooking these jalapenos takes out a lot of the heat, leaving all the great taste. Place these in the oven to cook for 15 minutes.

Be sure to grab a block of cream cheese and let it be softening while preparing the jalapenos.

Pull the peppers out and fill with cream cheese.
Cut bacon in half and wrap around the stuffed peppers. It's alright to use the cheaper bacon. The expensive stuff can be saved for breakfast with eggs.

Once the bacon is wrapped, stick a tooth pick through the middle to hold the bacon and make these and easy-to-serve appetizer.

Place on a baking sheet and bake until the bacon is done.

These peppers are great in the oven, and easy to fix in the house during cold weather. But they are even better on the grill in the summer. Enjoy these great peppers and spice up those cool winter nights in the house.

Don’t forget to thank the farmers for their hard work to produce these products! Do you have other great ideas to prepare some great jalapenos?