Being back on the ranch is great, but its not all fun and games. We have many cattle to feed, calving season starts next month, and we have some pasture management to catch up on.

No, life on the ranch is not just monkeying around in the trees...

Lucky for me, doing the chores on the ranch include some of my favorite things in life – hanging around cattle and horses and operating all sorts of equipment. This past summer was not great for hay production due to extreme heat and little to know moisture. We supplement this lower quality stockpiled forage with some feed ration to provide needed energy and nutrients.

This ole feed truck was created using an old truck and fertilizer buggy for effiecient, accurate, and an simpler way to feed cattle in the winter.

Feeding hay may not be my favorite past time, especially when the wind blows all the hay in your eyes and face, or when I am dredging through mud and cold. But the cattle need to eat and I am thankful for an awesome cab tractor to keep me warm and dry.

The Lord may have to forgive me later, but my new pick-up happens to be a Duramax and my Ford is parked in the garage. But hey, who’s complaining?

A day on the ranch is full of work and the unexpected, but when you truly love what you do every day, it is never considered work. Even in the worst, or best, of conditions.