Well I finally have Pistol out here on the ranch. We’ve been working the last couple of weeks on riding and staying in the bed of the pickup. After a few hiccups, she finally stayed in the truck on her own will!

This dog absolutely refuses to stay in the pen. She stays in there are good and well when the gate is open, but as soon as I try to pen her up at night, she meets me at the back door in the morning. After walking out and seeing Pistol with her collar wrapped around the wire, I called that a failure. As long as the dog stays around the house, she won’t have to be penned up at night — for now… We’ll have to figure something out.

But we are making progress on riding in the truck. Pistol is almost too timid for her own good and is scared to the point of shaking when she is in the truck. I have not a clue what did it, maybe it was the jumping out of the side and hitting the ground? Any way, I had to tie her in the bed of the truck to get her to stay, and eventually moved to untying her while in the pasture. I kinda approached it to sacking out a horse, if she is scared of the truck, then I will leave her tied in there for a while and reward her when I let her out.

We finally made it to her staying in the bed without being tied! That can be considered progress right? We’ll have to see how she does with her first real snow… I know I’m getting ready by putting out lots of hay for the cattle.