I found this pretty cool. Here’s the Word Cloud for my blog. Now I have to consider which words should be appearing larger or which words I don’t need to write so much about. I wonder how thorough the engine searched for terms in my blog?

Happy Wednesday! I’ve moved back to Middle Tennessee for the summer – same place I was last Fall. Having a house in a pasture will make a much better office than a cubicle in town. And having cows as neighbors make much better company than a college apartment complex. I can expect a busy summer and a few more photos from the farm.

My mentor has me training with the ultrasound while pregnancy checking cows this week.

I LOVE my learning opportunities, and think there’s no better place for a Summer classroom than a livestock barn. I can study all day long in the classroom, but there’s no better way to learn than to be “up to my armpits” in real life experiences. Yeah, I may be covered in “digested grass”, pass out on the couch when I get home, but heck I’ll still carry a smile along the way!

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