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Wordless Wednesday: Thinking Time

“You’d be surprised how much thinking a man gets done lookin’ at life from between a horse’s ears,” Maybe that’s what I’m missing… Advertisements


Wordless Wednesday: Sharing Your Pride in Ag

How do you share your love for agriculture? Do you have a bumber sticker or a big cotton piece like this? Driving around Tennessee I see so many Tennessee Agriculture Products plates. The plates fund the Tennessee Agriculture Development Fund, supporting youth organizations, Ag and forestry awareness, education, and marketing. The program does great work […]

Wordless (Wordy) Wednesday: Pregnancy Checking Heifers

My dad is in the cattle marketing business. Sometimes this means he’ll act as a cattle broker and help other producers find/sell quality cattle. We’ll often do this to help keep high quality cattle in our neck of the woods and it’s a win-win for everyone. Last week we had 70 head of heifers changing […]

Wordless Wednesday: Zzzzs ACFC11

Taking some Zzzzs today with the Wordless Wednesday post. I arrived home late yesterday after an AWESOME 3 days in Nashville at the 2011 AgChat Conference. I’ll be posting more about what I learned, thoughts to ruminate, a collection of ag products across the continent, and all of the fun people I met. But for now, […]

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