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Gaining Ground – Saving the Family Farm (Book Review and Giveaway)

The family farm will continue as long as its existence is valued. There is strength in a family, and balance. The earth appears to respond to these things. And who is to say what defines a family? Certainly not I. My best attempt would suggest a congregation of like-minded hearts. Saving the family farm will […]

Giveaway: No More Food Fights!

This week a milestone was reached on my Facebook page – 6,000 ‘Likes’ and counting. For those of you not invested in social media, you may laugh at the celebration of such an event, but I consider it a worthy accomplishment. In fact, each new conversation brought about by each new connection should be considered […]

Cody James Men’s Boot Review and Giveaway

There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh leather, right? When I’m walking down the street and pass boot shop, the smell always stops me in my tracks. Boots are a part of who I am, they’re with me every where I go and have so many stories to tell if they could talk. And […]

Ariat Rambler Boots Giveaway Contest

Believe it or not, December is almost here once again and Christmas commercials overwhelm the tv and radio. 2011 has been very interesting as I made the move from the windy Texas Panhandle to the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee; from receiving cattle in the feedyard to studying cattle reproduction for a Master’s degree. In […]

Recipe Giveaway

So I went to visit my dad on Sunday and help him with the cattle chores after I finished mine that morning. It was great to see part of the family and spend some time with em. Before I left dad was sure to throw an ice chest in the bed of my pickup. It […]

Why Are You AgProud?

National Agriculture Week is upon us (March 13-19)! This is a great time to celebrate those who work hard to produce our food, fiber, and fuel products. Ag Day (Tuesday, March 15th, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blog) is an event hosted by the Agriculture Council of America to promote this week and celebrate the contribution of […]

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