Ariat Rambler Boots Giveaway Contest

Believe it or not, December is almost here once again and Christmas commercials overwhelm the tv and radio. 2011 has been very interesting as I made the move from the windy Texas Panhandle to the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee; from receiving cattle in the feedyard to studying cattle reproduction for a Master’s degree. In between were a few stops in Colorado, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Phoenix Airport, and Arkansas. My boots have covered a lot of ground.

I have the best followers ever on this blog. This year I reached 53,000+ views, 1,100+ comments, and 110+ subscribers. My Facebook page has 1,000+ fans and more than 2,400 Twitter followers. I had the opportunity to speak to 1,200 school-age kids in New Mexico about Agriculture and several Social Media enthusiasts at the AgChat conference in Nashville. I really never thought my simple ramblings about farm and ranch life would be appealing to others; at least enough for you to read about it.

Last year I had a Christmas boot giveaway from Langston’s Western Wear. This year one lucky follower will receive their choice of boot from Country Outfitter.

Ariat Rambler Boots Giveaway Contest

I have partnered with Country Outfitter to give away a pair of Ariat Rambler Boots, a $170 value. If you’re not a fan of Ramblers, they’ve agreed to give the winner their choice of an Ariat slip on shoe.

To enter the contest, simply follow on Twitter and post the following on your Twitter account:

I just entered to win Ariat Rambler boots from @AR_ranchhand & @CountryOutfittr Details here> ( RT this to enter.

If not on twitter, leave a comment on this post describing an adventure in your favorite boots. (be sure to include an email in the comment form!)

Entries will end at 5 p.m. Friday, December 2nd. Winner chosen by random number selection. Comment and RT as many times as you’d like.

Merry Christmas and look forward to some stories behind your favorite boots!


  1. I have no adventure with boots. Sadly. I always wanted a pair and and once I had some spend how I wanted money I took the plunge and bought a nice pair of cowboy boots for my own Christmas present. I decided to wait to wear them after all the snow, ice, and resulting salt were gone. A month later I was hit by a car walking home from work. The accident left me with a lower back fusion and the need to only wear flat shoes. 🙁 The boots sat in my closet unworn for years. I finally accepted that the dream of cowboy boots was not to be for me and donated them to AmVets. Such is life. But learn from my mistake. Don’t put off until tomorrow your dreams for today. You just don’t know when some ass decides things for you. Not that I’m bitter or anything. So, if by chance I win the boots, I’m getting the slip on shoes! Woo hoo! Maybe not as cool, but I’ll refer to them as my cowboy boots. Everybody already thinks I’m crazy, so WTH.

  2. My biggest adventure while wearing my boots is my own wedding . Instead of buying a wedding gown I purchased my boots. My husband and I were married at his Cabin located at Trough Creek State Forest, Pa. I wore a brown sweater , cream color skirt and my brand new Lucchese Turquoise Trim boots and have worn them ever since. Nothing better than the comfort of a good pair of boots.

  3. I still have a pair of boots that I bought with my tips 30 years ago. I have alot of memories while wearing boots since I was the kind of person that wore boots to school before Urban Cowboy came out. I was one of the country when country wasn’t cool. I would love to have a new pair of boots and now seeing how long I keep them, maybe I can win a new pair.

  4. My biggest adventure in boots? Tennessee 4-H Roundup in 1982 in Knoxville. And we got to visit the World’s Fair too.

  5. My favorite boots I had worn in my first rodeo. It was the best day of my life. I was getting ready to do my first run with my horse and I saw a lot of the girls with such beautiful boots! In all honesty I was extremely jealous. I could not afford nice boots at the time so I borrowed a pair from my cousin. Anyway the prize for the best run was a brand new Gorgeos pair of Ariats! Everyone wanted them. I was the new underdog at this rodeo so I was underestimated. I happened to be last and was so nervous because everyone was so talented and good. I got in the shoot heard the bell watched for the gate and ran my horse! I had gotten the best time 9.6 seconds! I won the boots and still love them till this day but they no longer fit. I would love to be able to get this pair. God bless hayley.

  6. My first boot-wearing bigger adventure came in my freshman year of college, when I cashed out my savings account and walked downtown wearing a pair of sneakers just an hour before my welding class was about to begin. Less than an hour later, I was the proud owner of a VERY NICE pair of Danner boots. I walked straight to class and survived welding for the semester. I may be a true-blue farm kid but my family had self-preservation in mind when they selectively taught my younger brothers the art/science and not me. However, I find it interesting that my prof retired the semester after I attended his class. Coincidence?

    1. PS – I’ve worn cowboy boots since knee-high to a grasshopper but you asked for lively and that came to mind….

  7. My biggest/wildest adveture in my favorite pair of boots was probably a very fun road trip to Stillwater, OK with 2 of my friends! We drove from Montana to Stillwater to visit a guy friend who is now married to one of my friends that was on the trip! I sure had fun at the Weed trying to teach those Texas and OK boys that it’s not polite to choke your dance partner as you twirl around the dance floor! 🙂

  8. My greatest adventure with my boots has honestly been my life. I am not like many people my age who claim they wear their boots everyday. I actually do. I was raised in southern Iowa on a cattle farm and we still use our horses to work our cattle. My boots have accompanied me in many of my adventures over the last few years. I have been committed to the same pair of lace up work boots since I was a freshman in high school. As a junior in college, I was realizing all of the things my boots have accompanied me through. Not only did I wear them religiously through the halls of my high school, they have been with me on every 4H and FFA trip, even as a camp counselor. I wear my boots running across the lot sorting calves and out in the field making fence. They have proved equally as comfortable on walks across Iowa State’s Campus and the barns at Kirkwood. Not only have I worn these boots, on day to day events they supported me on adventures as well. In 2008, when I met the United States Secretary of Agriculture, Ed Schaffer, at my own booth at the Farm Progress Show in Boone. Every trip I took to Washington DC I was wearing my boots as I maneuvered through metro stations, in and out of taxi cabs, and into hotels that were trimmed with gold and marble. In my advocacy for farm safety I jumped at every chance to wear them any time khakis were the preferred attire. Who wants to wear uncomfortable shoes all day. Even as I was hired on as a sales associate at a western store, I still wore the old boots I had found so reliable. If you look through my facebook you will find these boots in pictures of me at weddings, at the mall, giving speeches, volunteering at safety days, to concerts, at home on the farm, and even in swimsuits. I find myself unable to wear sandals to the beach when I have such comfortable boots. At work I found myself flipping through catalogs in search of my new investment, for these ones are getting worn. I had decided on a pair of blue top Ariat quick draws, which was surprising to me, since I was in 8th grade I vowed I would never get another pair after the sour pair I had back then. Since, I have changed my mind and found them to be durable and comfortable, using that as my selling point for many pairs. My boots have taken me many places and through many things.In my final days at the western store I was told I could no longer wear my boots that I had to wear something new, so I had to resort to wearing the black square toes I purchased in haste to wear with a business suit. I have heard some form of comment from all of my friends and family at some point in time about retiring these old things. But in retirement, don’t you enjoy things and relax? I feel that’s exactly that’s what I am doing with them now. I never did get my new boots, I still wear these old lace ups, that I have replaced the laces in 6 times, re stitched the side, and am currently trying to figure out how to patch the hole worn through the toe.

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