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CBS News covers Arkansas drought – Respond with comments

No matter how hard we (farmers, ranchers, others within the agriculture community) may try to share our story with the world, there will always be haters. That would be those folks who have made up their minds about agriculture based on their first impressions from anti-agriculture groups. We have a long road to travel in […]

How customers can help farmers with animal care

  Here’s my latest post on CNN Eatocracy. I’d like to give a big thank you to Kathy Swift, #agchat friend and veterinarian from Florida for helping me with this. Previously Eatocracy featured a post from HSUS food policy director telling consumers how they can improve the lives of farm animals. I felt it was […]

Impact of drought through farmers’ voices on CNN

  Agriculture has had it rough in the eyes of the media during the past few years. With groups like PeTA and HSUS drumming up emotional topics and images with poultry and pork farming, it has been tough for farmers to get a positive voice in the conversation. Earlier this year, ABC News really hashed […]

Start a conversation with a farmer and a customer

Last month I had the awesome opportunity to share my view of farming on CNN by asking customers to seek out information about food from farmers. The post started lots of conversation about food and modern farming and the Eatocracy editors asked me to do a follow-up piece. Farmers open to conversations In my follow-up […]

Saturday morning at Nashville Farmers Market

I grew up on a ranch where Saturday mornings were for chores and feeding the cattle. After 5 years of college, I still don’t know what to do with my Saturdays. My last trip to the Nashville Farmers Market was when my siblings came to visit on Spring Break. There wasn’t much in season then, […]

AgProud: Alabama Peanut Farmers Share The Experience

Who doesn’t love a good peanut butter sandwich or some roasted peanuts in the shell? Unless of course you have an allergy, just about everyone consumes peanuts or their oil. So have you ever met a peanut farmer? I’m lucky to have Jillian Etress on my blog today. She and her husband Jared farm peanuts, […]

AgProud: Louisiana Sugarcane

Where does sugar come from? Did you first consider a farmer? Did you say Louisiana? Did you know these farmers make more than one harvest each year? These are just a few of the things 6th generation sugar cane farmer Wilson Judice will share with us today. He is definitely proud to be a part […]

AgProud: North Dakota Sunflower Farmer

Have you ever met a Sunflower Farmer? Well I have one for ya today! Mark Rohrich joins us today from North Dakota! He’s a great example of how farmers across the country maintain diversity in their operations. This is another part of my month-long series asking farmers, ranchers, and consumers why they are proud to […]

AgProud: Mal The Beef Gal

Today kicks off my month-long series celebrating the diversity in Agriculture. Check back all month long for featured farmers, ranchers, and consumers from across the country sharing why they are proud to be a part of Agriculture. Why are YOU Agriculture Proud? I weighed just over two pounds when I was born into this world. […]

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