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Conversation Skills Everyone Could Use

As I was going through some notes this week, I found one of my favorite TED Talk videos. Conversation skills are so important, yet so many people lack at least some of these today. Granted, I’ll count myself in that crowd. Learning is a life-long process and new knowledge is something we should always pursue. […]


3 thoughts on communication and advocacy to avoid being fake news

We live in a world of constant communication. Each day there are numerous outlets where we can consume new information about the world. Google, Twitter, Facebook, television, radio, audiobooks, podcasts, emailed newsletters. The list could go on for days. But this also leads to the perpetuation of misinformation. Fake News as President Trump has coined […]

Podcast 023 – Fighting With Activists Over A Beer

We’d be lying if we said occasionally getting into a fight with activists isn’t fun and entertaining. But it is also exhausting and can make you look like a fool. On Episode 023 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast, Ryan Goodman and Carrie Mess continue the Over A Beer series talking about hot topics in agriculture. This […]

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