Montana – Land of 130 specialty license plates

Well, I’ve been in Montana long enough that I have to get my new vehicle plates. Montana has a lot of options – somewhere over 130 different specialty plates!

Specialty plates are great way to personalize your vehicle, show your support to other motorists, and financially support your favorite organization. My current Arkansas plates support the Arkansas Cattlemen’s Foundation. Each time I renew my plates $25 goes to support an organization that I care about.

In Montana, it’s not so easy to choose. The state seems to be obsessed with personalized license plates. Here are 6 of the specialty plates for Agriculture groups in the state. There are several more dedicated to Natural Resources and Wildlife organizations.

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Montana shared almost $1 million with the non-profits in 2012. It’s great to see Montanans are so passionate in supporting their favorite organizations and showing their support everywhere they drive. Just like my friend Janice Person, who also loves to sport specialty Agriculture plates, I never know what kind of plates I’ll see on the road.

Of course, I have to get some agriculture-themed plates. There are many great agriculture organizations in Montana to support, but I’m just not sure which ones to choose. Which specialty plates do you like best?

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  1. I like the “weed control” because that would never cross my mind, but think it’s worthy, the Loss Board is an interesting one, what do they do? Give money to farmers who lose livestock to catastrophe?

    Which ever plate you chose is worthy because you put so much thought into it. California just got an “Ag” plate which I am now switching over too from the “Children” license plate I have had since 2002. It supported early education.

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