Late last month, I had the great opportunity to travel to Lexington, Kentucky for the Alltech 29th Annual International Symposium. I was one of several guest bloggers invited to cover the event via social media. The theme of the Symposium was taking a Glimpse of food production for 2020 and beyond.

There were several great breakout sessions covering livestock nutrition, food marketing, and challenges we will encounter in food production. I didn’t have near the opportunity to attend all sessions that drew my interest, but definitely gained quite a bit of information from those sessions I did attend.

photo booth captions
Amid all the great informational material, @DairyCarrie and I were sure to have a few lighter moments of fun during the Alltech Symposium

Dr. Pearse Lyons set the tone for the meeting during the opening session by challenging us to look back at the changes during the past 7 years in food production and how those factors may influence food production in the next 7 years as we reach the year 2020. 7 years ago, I was just graduating as a Senior in high school. My life has completely changed since that time, and I can only imagine what I will be doing 7 years from now.

To read more coverage of the Alltech Symposium, go to the Alltech blog. You will also see guest posts there from my fellow guest bloggers.

Lyons presented us with several inspiring quotes during the meeting. Here are a few that stuck with me.

What is greatness?

Greatness is going the extra mile.

Greatness is being out front.

Greatness is the guy who lets others take the credit.

After we viewed the RAM Trucks Superbowl Ad with Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer”, Dr. Lyons presented us with this thought:

So God made a Farmer…

Actually, He made Trust and put it in the Farmer.

He gave you a purpose. How will you fulfill that purpose?

Another inspirational challenge offered up spoke to our leadership.

A leader awakens greatness in others.

A leader is curious.

Put your best people in the best opportunities, not in the biggest problems.

alltech social media communication speakers
Les Kahl, AdFarm, David Butler, Alltech, and Carrie Mess, @DairyCarrie, share great insight about the future of social media as an important communications platform during the Marketing Forum.

There were several great conversations during the conference addressing the challenges we will face for food production in the future. We had a great time at the meet, plenty of great food and fellowship with an international community, and I look forward to future opportunities as a result of connections made.