I am Angus - Ryan GoodmanThe American Angus Association is one of the largest organizations within the cattle industry and does a great job showcasing the hard-working cattle producers across the country. Along with numerous print publications, the Angus folks have a great online presence. Their YouTube channel is full of videos featuring great news and information for cattle farmers and those looking to learn more about beef cattle production.

Young Bull Management

Late last summer I had a great opportunity to work with the folks at the Angus Association. They came out to the University farm in Spring Hill, TN and filmed a few segments with us. The first segment aired on the weekly Angus Report on RFD-TV back in October. Middle Tennessee Research and Education Center Director, Kevin Thompson, shared some great tips with cattle producers who are interested in better management for their young herd bulls.

I am Angus – Social Media for Cattle Industry

The second segment aired this past January on the I am Angus show, also on RFD-TV. In this segment I shared some information for those looking to share more information about agriculture and encouraged other cattle producers to join the conversations about food and farming through the use of social media. I also discussed the importance of mentors for younger generations within the cattle industry and some of my future plans within the cattle industry.

Be sure to check out more of the videos on the American Angus Association’s YouTube channel and let them know you appreciate their work to share the stories of cattle farmers and ranchers from across the country. They are doing their part to share the honest story of agriculture with the world and you should too!