The Agriculture Proud blog has been hijacked!

The AgChat Banditas have taken over!
The AgChat Banditas have taken over!

The AgChat Banditas have taken over this blog! 

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for an important announcement!

As an early Christmas present to our dear friend Ryan, a group of agriculture loving bloggers have banded together to bring you posts from all corners of the agriculture world. We know that we could never take the place of our friend who is under a heavy work load with school right now but we didn’t want to let this blog sit idle. So buckle up and enjoy the ride! Who knows where this series of posts will take you!

P.S. Ryan has no clue who is in on this… Each post will be a surprise! This should teach him to trust me (DairyCarrie) with access to his blog! 

Banditas Posts.

The United States of Agriculture-

North Dakota Agriculture from a Born & Raised California Girl-

Conversations.- ‎

Kids of the Ag School-

It’s time for the choir to sing!-

Ag Proud Outsider-

I am a commercial cattle rancher-


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