Speaking about social media at Ag Institute meeting in Lake Buena Vista, FL (Image Credit: Ron O’Connor-Farm Credit)

Central Florida in October? Talking food, farming, and social media? Why not?!? Plus it worked out perfect as the weather in East Tennessee last week was cloudy and cool.

Last week I had the opportunity to meet some great folks involved in farming at the Agriculture Institute of Florida‘s Annual Meeting and Workshop. The workshop, Farm Roads to Urban Intersections, highlighted Agriculture’s use of social media to reach out to our urban customers.

I was asked to share my experience in using social media for advocacy and help others on their journeys. Other speakers in attendance included Dr. Tracy Irani and Rachel Devine from the University of Florida Center for Public Issues Education (@PIECenter) and marketing and communications leader Sue Otten (@SueOtten).

Being Agriculture Proud is simply telling YOUR story. Why are you proud to be a part of Agriculture? Are you passionate about your job? If so, you should find no problem sharing this story with others.

How is this done?

  • Be real and authentic about your passion for Agriculture
  • Show the enthusiasm for your passion
  • Keep it simple and to the point
  • Make it a candid point of view (everything in life is not flowers and sunshine)
  • Stick to your experience. You can’t defend everyone
(Image Credit: Ron O’Connor-Farm Credit)

This workshop was a great opportunity to meet many farmers, growers, and members of the Florida Agriculture community and answer their questions about social media. Along with sharing my experience, I answered many questions from the group about how to manage social media use in conjunction with a business. Questions raised concerns about time management, replying to negative feedback/comments, and how to find content for social media posts. It was a great atmosphere and we had some great conversations during the meeting.

A big thanks to the folks in Florida for being so hospitable and welcoming me to their group! Hope I find my way back to Florida soon! I am always looking for opportunities to help other gain skills to utilize social media for agriculture advocacy and promotion. Get out there, share your story and connect with your customers!

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