Kentucky (Photo credit: lalunablanca)

Hello September! I hope you’re making the most of your Labor Day weekend. It’s time to welcome Fall and hopefully cooler temperatures and if we’re fortunate, more moisture will find its way across the country.

This weekend, I took an impromptu trip to Lexington, Kentucky to meet up with a few friends and enjoy the weekend. If anyone says social media networking isn’t real, they should have come with me. I talk to these folks several times a week and they are real-life friends. Great friends who will welcome me into their homes, let me sleep on their couch, and even eat at their dinner tables.

Gotta love great conversations with friends around Sunday morning coffee!

Saturday, I met up with Jesse and Peter, students at the University of Kentucky, along with David who I went to school with at Oklahoma State and a few of his friends. These folks are all great Agvocates, so we got in some good discussions about food and farms in a genuine tweet-up.

An entire menu of comfort food and Southern entrees!

We enjoyed some awesome Southern Comfort food at Ramsey’s – a local Lexington restaurant which serves local vegetables during the summer with entrees big enough for two. I had the Cajun fried catfish, fresh creamed corn, green beans, and fresh tomatoes with cottage cheese! It was awesome!

Nothing like some great comfort food at a local diner.

Sunday, Jesse and I made the trip up to Frankfort, state capitol of Kentucky, to visit Ray Bowman and his wife Stephania. They have a small farm with sheep, a few cows, and several other critters. We went to church and afterward Stephania had an awesome Sunday Dinner fixed. The remnants of Hurricane Isaac cast a cloudy sky and a few showers over the farm, but we didn’t let it hamper the fun.

Keep an eye out for my radio interview later this week with this great guy, Ray Bowman

We sat around for hours and talked about everything under the sun. Ray has a podcast radio show for Feedstuffs Foodlink about everything Food and Farm. We talked for a while and he’ll have the interview up later this week to share with everyone! I can’t wait to share more about my experience working with CNN and why I believe it’s a lesson important for others advocating for agriculture.