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Happy Independence Day! I hope ya’ll are enjoying the day and celebrating with friends around the grill. If you’re in a drought area please be considerate of your neighbor’s dry fields and crops. A little respect goes a long way. Don’t start a fire.

If you ever meet me in real life, you’ll more than likely hear mention of my summer in Wyoming. It was by far the best time of my life. The little town of Hyattville is the most hospitable place I have ever been. If you’re ever in that region, be sure to look em up.

On the 4th of July the town gets together with their neighbors down the dirt road, a little town called Ten Sleep, to have a reenactment of the Pony Express ride. Riders each travel a mile on horseback carrying the day’s mail. The local allowed me and my friend Katy Jane to join in that year. It was an awesome day for the race. In the parade I was referred to as someone from “some foreign place called Arkansas.” We had an afternoon cookout at the ranch then returned to town that night for the street party. It was truly an awesome day. Here’s my blog post from 2009.

Independence Day is such an awesome time to be in small town America, surrounded by close friends and fun activities. There’s no other place like it.

Figured I might as well share a few photos from the day, stole them from Katy Jane’s Facebook, but she’ll forgive me. Excuse the hat. It was a requirement for the race and it obviously isn’t a good fit.

All of the Pony Express riders saying the pledge before departing
My favorite person from England! Katy Jane!
Mail swap! Katy Jane is preaching something before for she hands it off
Other locals in the Pony Express ride
And this is where we were announced as the “foreigners.” July 4th parade in Ten Sleep, Wyoming
Tending to the horses after the parade. I think they were about to fall asleep…
Special on release?
Such an awesome, awesome, awesome place to be!
Wild Horse Race at the Ten Sleep rodeo

Happy 4th everyone! Be safe! Celebrate with Beef!

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