I recently had the opportunity to write a Feature for Progressive Cattlemen Magazine as a part of their series featuring the younger generation in Agriculture. Be sure to finish reading the article via the link below and let me know what you think!

My generation is what some call “Millennials.”

We are a generation that is reliant upon technology and instant communication.

We sometimes ask too many questions and can be exceedingly passionate in our interests and endeavors.

For many like me, that passion is the future of agriculture.

As a kid growing up in Arkansas, my father managed a commercial cow-calf operation. I thought ranching was how life was supposed to be. We fed cattle every day of the year and watched over calving heifers when a rare snowfall came.

Ranching was a way of life and I did not know any different. It was not until I left for college when I realized how passionate I was about raising cattle. College was fun, there was much to learn when it came to the particulars of biology and forage production, but it was not feeding cows.

Today I still find myself in school, only this time I am pursuing a higher degree.

I have made my stops along the way, working on ranches in Wyoming and Oklahoma, and feedyards in the Texas Panhandle. One thing I have learned is there is a bright future in the cattle business.

We often hear debate over the sustainability or longevity of modern agriculture. Do we have an expiration date? I do not believe so.

Finish reading the article at Progressive Cattlemen Magazine.

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