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Not much to say today other than I am Thankful. I am Thankful for the opportunities I have to travel, to study, and to learn from many great people. Its been said many times, we become like who we surround ourselves with. I am Thankful for having so many people I admire and want to be more like that are willing to spend time to teach me. I haven’t done much traveling in life (no more than a dozen states), but I have made all of those travels learning experiences. I’ve experienced so many great things and view life as a road pursuing (and still figuring out what exactly it is) my passion.

That all being said, just thought I would share my appreciation for a few ranching blogs. I don’t have the opportunity to travel much IRL (In Real Life), but thanks to Social Media, I can learn more about life in other areas through the words and photos of other bloggers.

Chico Basin RanchColorado Springs, Colorado, is a ranch I visited last August. A great group of guys who are visionaries and work to teach young people who have a passion for learning. The blog has many authors, each with his own perspective. From the ranch owner to the newest intern, each has an appreciation for life on the ranch. CBR also practices Holistic Ranch Management. If that’s new to you, learn more here.

Red Dirt In My Soul – (Facebook) Carol Greet lives in one of my favorite places in the world. Actually, she’s just down the road from the ranch in Wyoming where I worked Summer 2009, and we even went to town for groceries in the same place, but I never had the opportunity to meet. She blogs about her family ranch near Ten Sleep, Wyoming, her English Shepherd dogs, and includes plenty of high quality photos. Each month she has a question and answer video in response to the many reader comments she receives, so don’t be afraid to ask away.One really cool ranch mom with a great story!

Check out more of my favorite blogs in an earlier post.

Happy Thursday. Remember to be Thankful.

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