If you follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter, you’ll notice every time I go downtown in Nashville, there will be a photo posted of the AT&T building – affectionately characterized by some background Batman themed tunes. But that’s not the only thing that really catches my eye in the Music City.

Back in August when I attended the AgChat Foundation Conference, good friend Janice Person visited the Nashville Farmers Market. She shares more photos onĀ this blog post. I didn’t make it, but word has it she found some good local food and even a giant craft chicken. But ole JZ is safe around me. I don’t eat much poultry. There is all sorts of stuff down there.

So on the last weekend of Spring Break, my brother and sisters and uncle came over to Tennessee. We had a grand ole time, pigged out at the Cheesecake Factory, and went to a Predators Hockey game where we had really good seats in the lower bowl (Preds won that game and now they’re headed into the playoffs!). But while waiting on the sisters to wake up, my brother and I went down to the Farmers Market. It is the off-season, but there were still several crafts, canned goods, and ethnic foods available. We had some good ole BBQ pork and made our way around to all of the local food vendors. Natural, organic, and even some imported foods were there. Though I really wanted to ask the beef farmer how he got all of those hormones out of that beef. I’d like to study that endocrinology… (Another post, another time). And we jumped the pond and visited the Parthenon. But you’ll just have to read more about that on my other blog.

Then, we found an awesome park beside the Nashville Farmers Market. If you ever go, you’ll have to visit the Bicentennial park. There’s this stone wall that covers the landmarks of Tennessee history, from way back when to the near present. There were some really cool Agriculture Facts all over the wall. Everything from the historical importance of Tennessee Agriculture, to major milestones in Agriculture advancements. Be sure to check it out. I’ve shared a few photos from the wall in the slide show below.

I can find Agriculture Facts ANYwhere I travel and am always on the look out. Where can you find unexpected AgFacts in your area?

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