Alright folks, ya gotta keep me honest! I haven’t yet found a good workout partner here in Knoxville or Nashville, so I’m gonna count on this fitness journal to keep me honest. I have my eyes set on this Tough Mudder event on October 13, in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. It’s gonna take some effort to get fit and save the money.

My first goal – run a full 30 minutes 5 days this week. It’s gonna be rough. I’m in the middle of breeding season, writing a seminar on my research project and have two exams next week. Yesterday I had 14 minutes and 2 miles in the books, but that doesn’t count. Today after living in the office until 9, I made it to the apartment and ran a full 30 minutes, 3.33 miles, 430 calories

It’s gonna be a fun run. 11 miles, 28 obstacles, and approximately 3 hours long. Everything from mud pits, ice baths, to scaling a 1/4 pipe. I’m already working on building a team. Gonna join the ranks of “Team Beef” and show the power of my favorite protein in a healthy, active lifestyle.

Here we go. Keep me honest. Now back to writing my seminar…