AgProud: Corn, Cattle, and Countless Hours

Another addition to my month long series celebrating the diversity of American Agriculture. Farmers, ranchers, and consumers are sharing why they are proud to be a part of Agriculture. Why are YOU Proud to be a part of Agriculture?

My husband and I live in Central Nebraska and raise cattle, corn and hay. Our corn is sold to the ethanol plant near by that turns it into feed for our cattle and fuel for cars. What a great way to get 2 products out of 1 raw ingredient. We farm about 230 acres of corn and hay and we have about 150 head of cows. Our cow herd is a cross bred commercial herd. Our steer calves are sold direct to the feedlot on an Age/Source and PVP (process verified program) program. We bangs vaccinate most of our heifers, some are kept for our own herd and the rest are sold as replacement heifers. To learn more about what we do daily check out my blog.

We find it really easy to be in production agriculture and find something to be proud of. I am not sure many Americans get the opportunity to be a part of something so important to the lives of so many other people as those of us in agriculture do. We are proud to be producing food and fiber just like our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents did. We are proud to supply the American people not only the safest but the cheapest food supply in the WORLD. We are part of the number 1 industry in our State of Nebraska and that is something to definitely be proud of. We work hard everyday to make sure that the cattle that we raise are handled and cared for with the end user in mind.

Bobbi Lorenz can be found in Nebraska and online on her blog and Facebook.


  1. Hey Ryan, I drive for FedEx Freight in NW Arkansas. Located in our service area are some of the worlds largest poultry producers. Tyson, George’s, Simmons, and Cobb Vantress. Along with what we deliver directly to them are also the other support companies that are located here to provide supplies and services for these companies. I can not give you a number or percentage of our daily business that is tied directly to agriculture but it is safe to say it will be a large part of what I do every day. While I no longer make my living in commonly recognized agricultural field a big part of what I do every day is tied directly to agriculture. This might be a new support industry for you to explore for your agriculture proud blog. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your blogs!! Kent Morris

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