Today kicks off my month-long series celebrating the diversity in Agriculture. Check back all month long for featured farmers, ranchers, and consumers from across the country sharing why they are proud to be a part of Agriculture. Why are YOU Agriculture Proud?

I weighed just over two pounds when I was born into this world. My “this world” happened to be my parents cow/calf ranch in Livermore, CA, and I will be forever thankful for it.

Who am I? I’m a college student studying agricultural communication. What do I stand for? I stand for the numerous men and women who work harder for the world by producing an abundant food source to live by. I am an advocate for agriculture, also known as an ag-vocate.

The truth of the matter is that I was deathly afraid of cows when I was younger, which are my true passion now. It took all my dad had to get me into the back of the truck to feed hay if we were already pulled in the pasture. You see, cows have this uncanny knowledge that where there’s a pick-up, there’s hay. I was just afraid they would think where there is a little girl in overalls in the back of her daddy’s pick-up, there is a small before-dinner snack! But as I’ve grown older I’ve gotten a little larger in size compared to the cattle, and I couldn’t see myself more involved in any other industry.

The reason I mention this memory of my childhood is this: I have always been ag proud. Whether it was helping my dad feed hay, exhibiting the Grand Champion Market Hog my senior year in high school, or serving as a National Beef Ambassador, among other things, I always have been and always will be proud of the industry that raised me. I’m glad I can call agriculture my home. It’s where I learned it’s ok to brush off the dirt when you fall down, to never step in the same cow pie twice, and that big things really can come in small packages!

~Mal the Beef Gal

Malorie Bankhead is a student at California Poly Technical State University in San Luis Obispo. She is very active in the national beef community and former Beef Ambassador. Malorie can be found online at her blog or on Twitter.