Well it’s once again Wednesday and we need a few Texas Country tunes to get us through the week. This week I’m going a little more outlaw country with a band that is well-recognized on the Texas tour circuit, and I found em by word of mouth. Now I can’t stop singing about that Rock Island Line.

With Matt Hillyer on lead vocals, Eleven Hundred Springs band has a unique sound that takes me back. My favorite album is Bandwagon, but Country Jam comes in a close 2nd. They have some catchy tunes that can be described as traditional honky tonk music. As their song Long Haired Hippy Freaks describes, you wouldn’t expect this style of music from them on looks alone. But it’s definitely worth a listen.

This Aint The First Time (But It’s The Worst Time)

Northside Blues

Have you heard of Eleven Hundred Springs Band? What are you’re favorite tunes from this band?