A few weeks ago I was packing for my trip to Cattlemen’s Convention, which includes ironing out the jeans and shirts. I’m usually one to take em to the cleaners for a heavy starch, but doing it at home is a bit more budget friendly these days.  I tweeted something about the jeans not fitting on the ironing board, and 50 tweets later I was amazed at the number of people surprised that I’d do such a thing. Why is it so weird that I iron my shirts and jeans?!? I think YOU”RE weird if you don’t!

Some people didn’t even have an iron or board, said they’d never ironed anything besides their work clothes that went to the cleaners. Really? I grew up in a house where my momma made sure – or made us make sure – we had ironed clothes for church on Sunday morning or any important events outside of the ranch/house.  It’s just how I do things. Is it such a bad thing to want to look nice?

When I was in Texas/Oklahoma I LOVED how much starch the cleaners would use on the jeans and shirts. That collar would stay straight all day long and I could usually get an extra wear out of the jeans. And yes, sometimes it was a struggle to get those things on. But if you’ve seen how long my jeans are anyway – they’re literally too long for the ironing board – they’re a hassle any day of the week.

Now I know much of the prodding was in good fun. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but it just struck me as weird. More culture shock for this ranch kid who moved to town.

So here’s my poll: DO you starch and iron your jeans/shirts? If so, is it just for work, or lookin good for a night on the town? Surely I’m not a lone ranger on this…

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