Do a google search for Agriculture Blog and you’ll return a long list of great agvocates sharing the story of food production around the globe. During the past few years this trend has really taken hold, but we still have a long row to hoe in closing the gap between consumers and their food sources. We may be the 2% producing food for 100%, but we’re still the few among millions.

There are several blogs I follow on a regular basis, and as I write this I can think of many more I need to add to my list. I need to do a better job of leaving my comments and sharing these posts with other readers. There’s no way I could include every Agriculture Blog out there, but here are a select few that I will recommend.

A Colorful Adventure – Janice in St Louis, affectionately known asĀ JPlovesCotton, has been a good friend of mine since I jumped into the Social Media world, and she’s just as awesome in real life too! JP shares her love for cotton, photography, travel, and agriculture through blogging. She’ll often connect her posts with popular culture events and does a great job with those connections.

Common Sense Agriculture – Jeff Fowle is awesome. From Etna, California this fourth generation cattle rancher frequently blogs about ranch life. His blog title does well to describe Jeff’s writing style and approach to topics in the agriculture community. Jeff’s an all-star on Twitter too, @JeffFowle.

Farming America – David Hayden, native of Kentucky, fellow graduate of Oklahoma State Animal Science, does a great job of consumer outreach. David takes the stories that matter, utilizes his resources, and does a great job of explaining the issues at hand. Want to hear some great facts about the food you eat? He shares some great view points. Find David on Twitter, Facebook.

Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch – Debbie Lyons-Blythe isn’t just another cattle woman in the flint hills of Kansas. She’s also a mom who’s busy keeping track of all her kids as well. Debbie does an awesome job with her blogging and sharing about daily life on the ranch. Oh and she usually has some good recipes to share as well. Twitter, Facebook

Mom at the Meat Counter – Janeal Yancey is a mom and a meat scientist. Who better to make the connection between moms and the meat on the retail shelf? Janeal was one of my instructors at the University of Arkansas and she’s a blast to be around. She’s open to your questions about meat on the shelf and does a great job explaining what’s in the Big Mac. Twitter, Facebook

PNW Rancher – Erica calls the Pacific Northwest home, one place I’ve never been, but it’s on my bucket list. Erica has an eye for photography and her talent makes regular appearances. I love following her posts because I kinda feel like I’m visiting her neck of the woods and learning about life in a place I’ve never been. She does a great job of this. Twitter, Facebook

Texas Agriculture Talks – This is one of the few blogs I follow, not written from a personal story POV. This blog is part of the efforts from Texas Farm Bureau to reach out to the agriculture community and non-ag consumers alike. Two authors touch on policy and news issues and do a great job of putting their spin on things. Twitter, Facebook

Sitting in the Pasture – Time for my shameless plug. I really don’t do much with this blog. Well, at least not on a regular basis compared to Agriculture Proud. I have several Wordless Wednesday posts here and thoughts from Christian life. My current project is a series highlighting videos from my favorite Texas Country music artists every Wednesday. Follow if you will, but like I said not daily activity.

Do you have some favorite agriculture blogs? Give a nod to your favorites in the comments section below. Also check out the Blogging for Agriculture Facebook page for regular AgBlog updates. Please add your blog posts to that page as well!

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