Here it is Wednesday, Hump Day, the middle of the week. And to get us through I have some more of my favorite Texas Country artists for ya. Be sure to join me in sharing your favorite songs by this week’s artists in the comments below.

This week’s is Casey Donahew Band. Casey’s one of the more popular bands that has had success farther from the Texas Region and has had some pretty big hits. One of my favorite concerts ever to attend was when CDB played at the Midnight Rodeo in Amarillo. Lots of his songs are great for two-stepping and a little swing, great sing-alongs, and yes even that fateful White Trash Story…

Here’s CDB’s latest single Double Wide Dream. Now I’ll have this song stuck in my head all day long.

Here’s another of my favorites from CDB, Back Home In Texas. Sing this song on the flat roads of the Panhandle with the windows rolled down and you’ll know what I mean.
“Went down to Tennessee, Rocky Top I had to see…”

It’s hard to get good videos of some of my favorite songs because most are concert videos. We’ll see what I can keep digging up.

What are your favorite Casey Donahew Band songs?