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My real blog post was pushed to Sitting in the Pasture today so I could give my spill on here. So enjoy a little Texas Country in my Wednesday Video post.

Back when I first started blogging in 2009, all of my intentions were focused on sharing my summer in Wyoming with family and friends at home. And on the side maybe sharing a few thoughts about college life. Today I find myself far from “Sitting in the Pasture.” In fact, I’m not sure how to explain it just right.

I remember in December 2010 when I launched a boot giveaway and got my first 100 page views in a day. Then February came and I averaged 119 views per day. I was ecstatic, over joyed. As time moves on and the blog posts add up, I learn more every day about how I can use key words to attract search traffic and look for interesting blog topics. I’ve succeeded in writing a couple posts that continually draw traffic, and I truly get a kick when people search for terms like “prolapse,” “placenta.’ and even “calving” and my blog turns up on the search engines. I am still far from understanding the technical stuff of SEO (Search Engine Optimization); I’ll leave that to the true #agnerds. I’ve just wanted to stay myself through it all and write about what I enjoy doing most, about my passion.

Last week I shared my thoughts about the new McDonald’s Ad Campaign and California Activists blowing up cattle trucks. Just shared my thoughts and honest opinions. My readers shared the posts and I reached a record 1,676 views last Tuesday. I’m still picking my jaw off the floor from that one. Well, yesterday I made up my mind to finally respond to many of the myths about cattle production, something that is so close to my heart, my family’s heritage, and my passion. I shared my thoughts and apparently my readers appreciated my honesty. And in a big way with more than 2,400 views on that one post alone. And over 100 questions, comments, and compliments via email, messages, and Social Media mentions. Wow, is about all I can say.

I have A LOT of questions to respond to and have no excuse for lacking blog prompts. All this comes as I was telling a friend how much I wanted to become more focused and figure out what I can be better at. Let’s be honest, I saw someone else post this week that the reason we all blog is because we just want to be heard. I have always found it peculiar that people wanted to hear what this ole ranch kid had to say, even when it was 50 blog views a day. And even if it settles back to that because I step on too many toes, that’s ok. Because I have made such a network through comments and connections. I’m just glad that someone wants to hear about the things I’m passionate about, enough so that when I share my honest thoughts (and even vent a little) people ask questions (sometimes honestly inquisitive, sometimes challenging, either way I enjoy it).

So really all I have to say is thank you for allowing me to share my passion and in return your responses to my rants and ramblings.

Ryan Goodman works in grassroots advocacy with beef cattle farmers and ranchers across the United States. He is a proud alumnus of Oklahoma State University, with studies focusing on cattle reproduction and nutrition. Ryans
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