Wednesday Video – Robert Earl Keen

It’s Wednesday once again! To help us all get over this Hump Day, I’m sharing some of my favorite Texas Country artists and hope you’ll join along. This week’s artist is Robert Earl Keen. Share your favorite REK song in the comments or better yet join my Wednesday Video series with a post of your own. Just leave a link in the comments below!

Here’s Gringo Honeymoon (1996)


  1. Ah, Robert Earl Keen…he was my introduction into Texas country and still my favorite singer. I'll keep the list short.

    Love's a Word I Never Throw Around
    Sonora's Death Row
    Corpus Christi Bay
    The Front Porch Song
    I'm Comin Home
    The Raven and The Coyote
    Merry Xmas from the Family, and its sequel Happy Holidays Y'all

  2. It's so hard to narrow down to a top few, but I'll try for the sake of commenting. 🙂

    Fourth of July
    Think It Over One Time
    Dreadful Selfish Crime
    Gringo Honeymoon
    I Would Change My Life
    I'm Coming Home

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