In the month of December, all it takes to get a good headache going is to hit the roads in town, never mind the Wal-Mart parking lot or grocery aisles. The Holidays are also prime time for the five-finger discount. So what are shop lifters snatching from the shelves? The number one item might surprise you.

Theft of meats makes groceries most popular for shoplifting

According to a recent article on Adweek, one out of every 11 people who walk through retail stores are likely to walk out with an item that was not paid for. This adds up to $119 billion, or 1.45% of sales, each year. Most of these shoplifters are working adults, who are not professionals at the theft.

Choice cuts of beef, specifically Filet Mignon, top the list, rising more than 21% in the past two years. Well, guess all I can say is that consumers know what’s for dinner. Unfortunately, the theft of these items does nothing to keep food costs low. Guess it is pretty easy to stick a package of steaks in the purse.

The other items on the list?

  • Jameson and Expensive liquors
  • Electric tools (electric tooth brushes and power tools)
  • iPhone 4 and Electronics
  • Gillette Mach 4 razor blades
  • Axe brand deodorants and body washes
  • Polo Ralph Lauren apparel
  • Let’s Rock Elmo
  • Chanel No.5 – Expensive fragrances
  • Nike athletic shoes

I’m gonna suggest beef for the dinner table, but folks, let’s try to avoid the five-finger discount.