Making the Transition: Dumbphone to Blackberry Curve

When opportunity knocks at the door… Don’t turn opportunity away. Well, my phone contract came up last month and I took advantage to step into the world of smartphones. Good bye dumbphone, hello crackberry. Besides being overwhelmed and the amount of information in my hand and going over the data limit in the first month, things seem to be going pretty well.

Don’t get me wrong, I kinda miss the simplicity of my LG Slider. I could text much faster and wasn’t distracted by every Facebook notification or Twitter update. But on the bright side, my Blackberry Curve is pretty cool. It doesn’t have a touch screen (Touch screen + Ryan + ranch work = no bueno). It is easier to approve blog comments, reply to emails, and waste time stwalking (twitter + stalking). And I do spend a lot less time on the laptop. Am I more productive? Well… we will have to wait and see.

The things I don’t like about my Blackberry: I have to lock my keys every time put the phone in my pocket, the keys make typing more of an effort, and all the wasted stuff I have no clue how to work yet. And having access to all of my Social Media networks and email is definitely a distraction when I’m trying to work cattle or get work done.

I have yet to branch out very far in the world of apps. My most frequently used are Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, WordPress, and the Weather Channel. I tried UberSocial, but it kinda seemed complicated for a new smartphone user. I like simplicity and have figured out how to easily send photos or text between the phone, Facebook, and Twitter without it.

But have no fear dumbphone users,  I still stand behind you. Those SMS phones still give plenty of access and opportunity to get things accomplished.

What suggested apps do you have for my Blackberry? What are your thoughts on the Curve?


  1. Thank you for making me laugh this morning. (“No bueno”…! hehe) I like the Curve, just got my second one, but the Facebook ap is giving me problems. I have the same issue with the keys. Whenever I forget to lock them I have an eerie voice rise up out of my pocket or purse: “Please speak your command.” I mean, normally I would LOVE for someone to say “speak your command,” especially if that someone were my boyfriend. But, you know. A disembodied voice from my pocket….no bueno. 🙂 I also dislike touch screens, but for a far less worth reason than ranch work; in my case it’s because I type with my nails, which are too long to make it easy to type with my finger pad. Anyway, enjoy the day.

      1. Not sure I’d trust the voice command thing either… Even humans at the drive through can’t get voice commands straight and we think a tiny machine can?

        I can just imagine… “Call Home” and someone in China answers.

  2. iPhone plus an otter box = great for the rancher/farmer. I have one, and I believe it has made my life easier, maybe. The otter box (look it up to understand what I mean, if you don’t) protects this jewel from water and muck. The other day, while watering some cattle and talking on my phone–shoulder to the ear–at the same time to my pops, the phone slipped and “kurplunk,” down it sunk, to the bottom of the 150 gallon water trough! As it hit the bottom, fully submerged, I noticed the screen light up reminding me that “Dad” was still on the phone. I immediately through out the life line and saved the phone, continued my conversation, and told my dad that he had just gone for a swim…phone never missed a beat and the conversation was fine. Still using it to this day…

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