Want to teach your students (youth or adults) more about Agriculture and sources of food, fiber, fuel, and numerous daily products? I have the program just for you.

Our  society as a whole is moving toward a more urban lifestyle, and in turn farther away from agriculture production. Most U.S. citizens are 3 and 4 generations removed from the farm, and our education systems are plagued with many misconceptions about agriculture and food production.

Since 1981 the USDA has organized efforts to incorporate agriculture material into classroom curriculum. Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) programs are specific to each state and give educators the resources to expose their students to the world of food production. In Tennessee, Farm Bureau organizes the program and distributes the material. Five major program areas make up Tennessee AITC: Workshops/Teacher Training, Educational Material, Agriculture Ambassadors, Outdoor Classroom Garden Grants, Farm Day Tours.

AITC material is design to supplement and enhance teaching materials. A response heard from many teachers is “I would love to include agriculture education in my classroom, but I don’t have time to fit it in my schedule.” Actually, AITC is designed to include state mandated objectives for many grade levels. Skills like analyzing, comprehending, researching, evaluating, and interpreting, fall withing the AITC lesson plans. Even better, agriculture covers many classroom subjects: social studies, science, grammar, math, and many more.

So what are you waiting for? AITC is also great material for Agriculture Education efforts outside of the classroom.

For more information on Tennessee AITC visit tnfarmbureau.org/education-resources

Or to find more about the National AITC program or find your state’s AITC program visit agclassroom.org