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Agriculture in the Classroom

Want to teach your students (youth or adults) more about Agriculture and sources of food, fiber, fuel, and numerous daily products? I have the program just for you. Our ┬ásociety as a whole is moving toward a more urban lifestyle, and in turn farther away from agriculture production. Most U.S. citizens are 3 and 4 […]

Country Classroom in Maury County Tennessee

Today is World Food Day: My daily work involves production agriculture, bringing food from pasture to plate. Part of my work includes sharing my passion of cattle production with others who may not have that opportunity on a daily basis. Learn more about Agvocacy efforts throughout my blog. Thank a farmer for the food on […]

Agriculture Advocacy in Estancia New Mexico

This week I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Estancia, New Mexico to share my love for Agriculture with more than 600 students and parents. I love traveling West to see the wide open ranch country, changing terrain, and discovering new places, and what better opportunity than a chance to inspire others to learn […]

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