Month: July 2011

Long Hot Summer Day

Besides being song lyrics from one of my favorite bands (Turnpike Troubadours), this pretty much sums up my Thursday. Getting started a 6 o’clock, really doesn’t make much of a difference if it never cools below 80 degrees. Even at sunrise it doesn’t take long to break a good sweat. Grulla and I headed out […]

Social Media Expands My Corner of the Agriculture World

AI, Breeders, Harvest, Crop. Farmers of every kind use these terms daily across the country, but to each the terms may have a different meaning. These are just a sample of the Agriculture lingo farmers and ranchers use daily, but in different regions, and different sectors of Agriculture, some terms may be a foreign concept. […]

My Job, Better Than Vacation

Not sure who, but someone once said “My day job is better than your vacation.” Pretty sure they were talking about my life. The past week has been quite a workout for myself, Pistol, and Grulla. We’ve been gathering bulls for the end of breeding season. Everything has been pretty smooth with the exception of […]

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