Wordless Wednesday: Traveling Times

There are have been a few travels on the ranch this week. I had to find a backwoods tractor and equipment dealership on Saturday for some new brush hog blades. Well I ended on some roads where I wished I’d had my shot gun. This is a state highway and what it looked like for several miles. Forget keeping it between the lines. We just have the center line as a guide.
This sign is an understatement. I think the state would save some money by putting signs warning of a straight stretch
Apparently there was a bike rally in Hot Springs this weekend. Look Twice. Save a Life.
Then someone decided to miss a curve on the road next to one of my pastures.
Looks like I have some fencing to do.

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Ryan Goodman works in grassroots advocacy with beef cattle farmers and ranchers across the United States. He is a proud alumnus of Oklahoma State University, with studies focusing on cattle reproduction and nutrition. Ryans
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